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Level: 3

One of the limiting factors in human physical performance is the amount of oxygen that is absorbed by the muscles from the bloodstream. Accordingly, entrepreneurs have begun selling at gymnasiums and health clubs bottles of drinking water, labeled "SuperOXY," that has extra oxygen dissolved in the water. Such water would be useless in improving physical performance, however, since the amount of oxygen in the blood of someone who is exercising is already more than the muscle cells can absorb.

Which of the following, if true, would serve the same function in the argument as the statement in boldface?

  • A world-class athletes turn in record performances without such water
  • B frequent physical exercise increases the body's ability to take in and use oxygen
  • C the only way to get oxygen into the bloodstream so that it can be absorbed by the muscles is through the lungs
  • D lack of oxygen is not the only factor limiting human physical performance
  • E the water lost in exercising can be replaced with ordinary tap water

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