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Level: 3

Trancorp currently transports all its goods to Burland Island by truck. The only bridge over the channel separating Burland from the mainland is congested, and trucks typically spend hours in traffic. Trains can reach the channel more quickly than trucks, and freight cars can be transported to Burland by barges that typically cross the channel in an hour. Therefore, to reduce shipping time, Trancorp plans to switch to trains and barges to transport goods to Burland.

Which of the following, if true, casts most serious doubt on whether Trancorp's plan will succeed?

  • A It does not cost significantly more to transport goods to Burland by truck than it does to transport goods by train and barge.
  • B The number of cars traveling over the bridge into Burland is likely to increase slightly over the next two years.
  • C Because there has been so much traffic on the roads leading to the bridge between Burland and the mainland, these roads are in extremely poor condition.
  • D Barges that arrive at Burland typically wait several hours for their turn to be unloaded.
  • E Most trucks transporting goods into Burland return to the mainland empty.

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