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Source: GWD

Level: 3

Brochure: Help conserve our city's water supply. By converting the landscaping in your yard to a water-conserving landscape, you can greatly reduce your outdoor water use. A water-conserving landscape is natural and attractive, and it also saves you money.

Criticism: For most people with yards, the savings from converting to a water-conserving landscape cannot justify the expense of new landscaping, since typically the conversion would save less than twenty dollars on a homeowner's yearly water bills.

Which of the following, if true, provides the best basis for a rebuttal of the criticism?

  • A Even homeowners whose yards do not have water-conserving landscapes can conserve water by installing water-saving devices in their homes.
  • B A conventional landscape generally requires a much greater expenditure on fertilizer and herbicide than does a water-conserving landscape.
  • C A significant proportion of the residents of the city live in buildings that do not have yards.
  • D It costs no more to put in water-conserving landscaping than it does to put in conventional landscaping.
  • E Some homeowners use more water to maintain their yards than they use for all other purposes combined.

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