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Level: 5

Hollywood restaurant is replacing some of its standard tables with tall tables and stools. The restaurant already fills every available seat during its operating hours, and the change in seating arrangements will not result in an increase in the restaurant's seating capacity. Nonetheless, the restaurant's management expects revenue to increase as a result of the seating change without any concurrent change in menu, prices or operating hours.

Which of the following, if true, provides the best reason for the expectation?

  • A One of the taller tables takes up less floor space than one of the standard tables.
  • B Diners seated on stools typically do not linger over dinner as long as diners seated at standard tables.
  • C Since the restaurant will replace only some of its standard tables, it can continue to accommodate customers who do not care for the taller tables.
  • D Few diners are likely to avoid the restaurant because of the new seating arrangement.
  • E The standard tables being replaced by tall tables would otherwise have to be replaced with new standard tables at a greater expense.

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