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Level: 2

A major network news organization experienced a drop in viewership in the week following the airing of a controversial report on the economy. The network also received a very large number of complaints regarding the report. The network, however, maintains that negative reactions to the report had nothing to do with its loss of viewers.

Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the network's position?

  • A The other major network news organizations reported similar reductions in viewership during the same week.
  • B The viewers who registered complaints with the network were regular viewers of the news organization's programs.
  • C Major network news organizations publicly attribute drops in viewership to their own reports only when they receive complaints about those reports.
  • D This was not the first time that this network news organization has aired a controversial report on the economy that has inspired viewers to complain to the network.
  • E Most network news viewers rely on network news broadcasts as their primary source of information regarding the economy.

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