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Level: 4

The tulu, a popular ornamental plant, does not reproduce naturally, and is only bred and sold by specialized horticultural companies. Unfortunately, the tulu is easily devastated by a contagious fungal rot. The government ministry plans to reassure worried gardeners by requiring all tulu plants to be tested for fungal rot before being sold. However, infected plants less than 30 weeks old have generally not built up enough fungal rot in their systems to be detected reliably. And many tulu plants are sold before they are 24 weeks old.

Which of the following, if performed by the ministry, could logically be expected to overcome the problem with their plan to test for the fungal rot?

  • A Releasing a general announcement that tulu plants less than 30 weeks old cannot be effectively tested for fungal rot
  • B Requiring all tulu plants less than 30 weeks old to be labeled as such
  • C Researching possible ways to test tulu plants less than 24 weeks old for fungal rot
  • D Ensuring that tulu plants not be sold before they are 30 weeks old
  • E Quarantining all tulu plants from horticultural companies at which any case of fungal rot has been detected until those tulu plants can be tested for fungal rot

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