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Level: 3

The Hazelton coal-processing plant is a major employer in the Hazelton area, but national environmental regulations will force it to close if it continues to use old, polluting processing methods. However, to update the plant to use newer, cleaner methods would be so expensive that the plant will close unless it receives the tax break it has requested. In order to prevent a major increase in local unemployment, the Hazelton government is considering granting the plant's request.

Which of the following would be most important for the Hazelton government to determine before deciding whether to grant the plant's request?

  • A Whether the company that owns the plant would open a new plant in another area if the present plant were closed
  • B Whether the plant would employ far fewer workers when updated than it does now
  • C Whether the level of pollutants presently being emitted by the plant is high enough to constitute a health hazard for local residents
  • D Whether the majority of the coal processed by the plant is sold outside the Hazelton area
  • E Whether the plant would be able to process more coal when updated than it does now

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