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Source: PREP

Level: 5

Drug manufacturer: Television audiences are sure to realize that the "physician" recommending our brand of cough syrup in our advertisement is actually an actor playing a role. Hence they will not place undue trust in the advice given by this actor. Therefore, networks should relax their guidelines to permit our company to broadcast this advertisement.

Television executive: If the audience can tell that the actor is not a physician, then your advertisement need not have a physician figure recommending your product.

Which of the following is an argumentative strategy used by the television executive in response to the drug manufacturer?

  • A Indicating that the reason the drug manufacturer offers for relaxing the guidelines conflicts with the manufacturer's presumed motive for presenting the image of a physician in the advertisement.
  • B Asserting that the drug manufacturer's expressed desire to broadcast the advertisement is motivated by self-interest rather than by genuine interest in the good of the audience
  • C Invoking subjective opinions concerning audience reaction to television advertisements as if those opinions constituted objective evidence.
  • D Pointing out that the goals of the drug manufacturer's company differ from those of television networks.
  • E Questioning the ability of the drug manufacturer to make any sweeping generalization about what the many different members of the audience may think.

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