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Source: Princeton

Level: 3

Reinstituting the strict standards once enforced by the United States Olympic Committee against participation by professional athletes in the Olympic Games would be beneficial to all struggling athletes. Disallowing participation by professionals who have access to expensive training facilities and large bank accounts would not only revitalize the Olympic spirit of amateurism, but would also allow amateur athletes to compete fairly for spots on the national team.

The argument above makes which one of the following assumptions?

  • A Spectators accustomed to seeing a high level of competition in professional sports will not be satisfied watching amateurs compete in those same sports.
  • B Enforcement of the former rules would require a large bureaucracy to keep close tabs on amateur athletes1 finances.
  • C An overly competitive selection process for the Olympic Team makes competition fierce between otherwise friendly athletes.
  • D Athletes who must work outside jobs to support themselves will not be able to concentrate fully on their sports, due to their financial difficulties.
  • E The old system did not keep many aspiring Olympians from competing because of economic constraints.

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