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Source: Princeton

Level: 3

People who are chronically ill would benefit most from low-cost health insurance. However, if insurance companies insure these people, the companies will no longer be able to fund low-cost health insurance for all of their customers. Therefore, insurance companies, in deciding whom to insure, must choose between the good of the chronically ill and the financial well-being of their other customers.

Which of the following questions is LEAST relevant in evaluating the conclusion of the argument above?

  • A Could the insurance companies fund low-cost preventive treatment to lower the financial burden of the chronically ill?
  • B Would the health care system as a whole profit from the insuring of people who are chronically ill?
  • C Could the financial burden imposed by insuring the chronically ill be imposed only on those clients, rather than on the insurer's other customers?
  • D Do the illnesses of the chronically ill necessitate high-cost treatment?
  • E Could the insuring of the chronically ill be provided by a separate carrier, thereby not affecting the cost of insuring other customers?

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