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Source: Princeton

Level: 3

Many antiviral medications are effective at killing only some strains of the targeted virus. If only some strains of a targeted virus are killed by a given medication, there is a danger that, through random mutation or the emergence of other strains from natural reservoirs, resistant strains will gradually dominate those vulnerable to medication. If the antiviral medications are continually administered, for example to humans or cattle, there is a significant risk that existing medications will grow ineffective, leaving doctors with no remedies for these diseases.

The conclusion of the argument above depends on which of the following assumptions?

  • A The same medicines are administered to both humans and cattle.
  • B New medical developments will not effectively kill previously resistant strains.
  • C Existing viruses will mutate to form resistant strains where none had existed before.
  • D Viruses cause more diseases than other forms of infection, such as bacteria, prions, and molds.
  • E Biotechnology and drug companies will work to develop new medications that attack resistant viral strains.

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