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Source: Princeton

Level: 3

The mayor of City X wishes to increase voter turnout for the next city council election. A recent poll of registered voters in neighboring City Y showed a high level of dissatisfaction with that city's voting facilities. Based on this result, City X's mayor proposed a dramatic update of his city's voting facilities to increase turnout at the next election.

Which of the following, if true, most supports the mayor's plan?

  • A A majority of respondents in City Y's poll had voted in favor of a tax cut in the previous election.
  • B City Y's voter turnout rates increased as the result of the publicity the recent poll generated.
  • C A City X poll of registered voters revealed that their behavior is not strongly influenced by their perception of voting facilities.
  • D Even the best polling methods have difficulty capturing voter opinions accurately.
  • E The City Y poll showed that voters who are satisfied with voting facilities are more likely to vote.

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