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Source: Princeton

Level: 3

In an effort to increase revenues, Sky Air recently partnered with several airlines to create a joint frequent-flier program. In the new program, miles earned on all partner airlines can be combined for reward tickets valid on any airline in the partnership. Sky Air's CEO cites a recent increase in the number of passengers on all the partner airlines as evidence that the new frequent-flier program is having the desired effect. Industry analysts doubt the CEO's claim that the frequent-flier program is effective.

Which of the following, if true, best supports the analysts' position?

  • A Air travel tends to be seasonal, with more passengers traveling during warmer months and holiday periods.
  • B The recent increase in passenger rates for all the partner airlines was preceded by the lowest rates of air travel in the last decade.
  • C Many travelers achieved reward tickets more quickly under the new frequent-flier program and redeemed them recently for free travel.
  • D Travelers redeemed frequent-flier rewards on Sky Air's partners more frequently than on Sky Air.
  • E A study of frequent-flier programs showed that they generally result in increased long-term airline revenues.

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