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Source: Princeton

Level: 3

The two divisions of a high-tech company have performed quite consistently over the past five years. In each year, the telecommunications-equipment division accounted for 35% of profits and 15% of revenues, and the high-speed-internet division made up the balance.

Which of the following can properly be inferred regarding the past five years from the information above?

  • A The telecommunications-equipment division has made higher profits-per-dollar than the high-speed-internet division.
  • B Sales for both divisions have remained flat over the five years.
  • C The high speed internet market involved tougher competition than the telecommunications equipment market during the past five years.
  • D Management devoted a greater number of company resources to the telecommunications-equipment division than to the high-speed-internet division over the past five years.
  • E More profitable products made up a higher percentage of the products offered by the telecommunications division.

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