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Source: GWD

Level: 4

Mayor: Migrating shorebirds stop at our beach just to feed on horseshoe-crab eggs, a phenomenon that attracts tourists. To bring more tourists, the town council plans to undertake a beach reclamation project to double the area available to crabs for nesting.Birdwatcher: Without a high density of crabs on a beach, migrating shorebirds will go hungry because shorebirds only eat eggs that a crab happens to uncover when it is digging its own nest.

Which of the following, if true, would provide the mayor with the strongest counter to the birdwatcher's objection?

  • A Every year a certain percentage of crabs are caught by fishermen as bait for eel traps.
  • B Horseshoe crabs are so prolific that given favorable circumstances their numbers increase rapidly.
  • C On average, tourists who come to the town in order to watch birds spend more money there than tourists who come for other purposes.
  • D The additional land made available by the reclamation project will give migrating shorebirds more space.
  • E Some of the migrating shorebirds make only one stop during their migration form South America to Canada.

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