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Advertisement: Are you having trouble returning your opponents' power serves? The new Spring- Strung rackets are designed to improve your tennis game overnight without lessons. Even rank amateurs can effortlessly increase the speed and force of their volleys by 25 percent. You too can achieve the power of a professional player with the Spring-Strung racket.

Someone who accepted the reasoning in the advertisement above would be making which one of the following assumptions?

  • A Without quality equipment, a tennis player cannot improve his game.
  • B The Spring-Strung racket will improve an amateur's game more than it will improve a professional's game.
  • C The quality of a person's tennis game is largely determined by the speed and force of his volley.
  • D The Spring-Strung racket is superior to any other racket currently on the market.
  • E Lessons are not as effective at improving the speed and force of a player's volley as is the use of quality equipment.

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