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Homeowner: Recent drops in the value of our homes are due to the undesirability of living near the recently opened 24-hour bus depot.

Transportation official: The police, not the bus depot, are at fault. Survey data shows that most prospective homeowners avoid the community because of its high crime rate.

Which of the following, if true, would be the most effective rebuttal that the homeowner could make to the argument put forward by the transportation official?

  • A The community's crime rate has risen nearly as quickly as the value of homes has fallen, over the same period of time.
  • B Those homeowners whose homes are situated in the immediate area of the bus depot must endure constant noise.
  • C The constant activity and commerce generated by the bus depot has made the community a favored hangout for thieves and other criminals.
  • D The community's police force has not seen a pay raise or increase in manpower for the last five years.
  • E The surveys of prospective homeowners did not include questions concerning the desirability of living in a community with a 24-hour bus depot.

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