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Source: 2014

The painter Peter Brandon never dated his works, and their chronology is only now beginning to take shape in the critical literature. A recent dating of a Brandon self-portrait to 1930 is surely wrong. Brandon was 63 years old in 1930, yet the painting shows a young, dark-haired man—obviously Brandon, but clearly not a man of 63.

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Which of the following, if justifiably assumed, allows the conclusion to be properly drawn?

  • A There is no securely dated self-portrait of Brandon that he painted when he was significantly younger than 63.
  • B In refraining from dating his works, Brandon intended to steer critical discussion of them away from considerations of chronology.
  • C Until recently, there was very little critical literature on the works of Brandon.
  • D Brandon at age 63 would not have portrayed himself in a painting as he had looked when he was a young man.
  • E Brandon painted several self-portraits that showed him as a man past the age of 60.

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