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In an effort to recruit the most qualified educators, New Way Education has begun to canvas for potential teachers in top-ranked universities throughout the country. Those students who show interest in becoming teachers are put through rigorous training that includes a final test, in which students must effectively teach a 15-minute mock classroom to a team of New Way Education trainers. Therefore, those who are selected to teach at New Way Education are some of the best educators in the industry and will create a positive learning experience for students in their classrooms.

Question List: 1

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument rests?

  • A The skills a prospective educator displays in the 15-minute mock classroom transfer with a high degree of reliability to an actual classroom setting.
  • B Students who express interest in the initial college recruiting session are actually those students who will go on to make the best teachers.
  • C The top educators in the industry all have a similar style of teaching.
  • D Many educators at New Way Education have little to no formal experience in the classroom.
  • E There is a high degree of variability in the quality of instructors at New Way Education.

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