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Linguist:?Each language has a word that captures a concept or emotional state in a way that no other language does. To capture such a breadth of expression, an artificial language should be created that contains words corresponding to all the different concepts and emotional states captured by the world's languages. That is not to say that such a language would contain as many words as there are in all the world's languages. Rather, only for those words that have no corresponding word in another language. While such a plan is hugely ambitious, the resulting language would be more thorough than any existing language.

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The conclusion drawn above depends on which of the following assumptions?

  • A Extinct languages do not offer up words that capture concepts and emotional states in ways that fundamentally differ from those of existing languages.
  • B Many languages have words that virtually overlap in the meaning they convey.
  • C Each year hundreds of the world's languages go extinct, once there are no longer any native speakers remaining.
  • D It is possible for one person to learn all of the world's existing languages.
  • E The range of concepts and emotional states is the only indication of a language's thoroughness.

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