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In Gilavia, the number of reported workplace injuries has declined 16 percent in the last five years. However, perhaps part of the decline results from injuries going unreported: many employers have introduced safety-incentive programs, such as prize drawings for which only employees who have a perfect work-safety record are eligible. Since a workplace injury would disqualify an employee from such programs, some employees might be concealing injury, when it is feasible to do so.

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Which of the following, if true, most helps to resolve the status of the orbiting body without casting doubt on the two standard theories mentioned?

  • A The smaller a planet orbiting a star is, and the farther away it is from the star, the less likely it is to be discovered.
  • B If a planet's orbit is disturbed, the planet can be drawn by gravity toward the star it is orbiting.
  • C The largest of the bodies orbiting Upsilon Andromedae is the farthest away from the star, and the smallest is the nearest.
  • D It is likely that there are many stars, in addition to Upsilon Andromedae and the Sun, that are orbited by more than one smaller body.
  • E In most cases of companion stars, the smaller companion is much fainter than the larger star.

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