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Hastings‘ contracture is a disorder of the connective tissue in one or both hands, most commonly causing loss of mobility. A survey of thousands of medical-insurance claims found that over 30 percent of people who had one hand operated on for Hastings' contracture underwent surgery a second time for this disorder within three years. Clearly, therefore, a single surgical treatment of Hastings' contracture is often ineffective at providing long-term correction of the disorder.

Question List: 1

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?

  • A The medical-insurance claims did not specie whether the surgery was on the patient's right or left hand.
  • B The surgical techniques used to treat Hastings' contracture are identical to those used successfully to treat certain work-related injuries to the hand.
  • C A separate survey found that 90 percent of patients operated on for Hastings' contracture report increased hand mobility within one month after the surgery.
  • D All of the patients in the survey were required by their insurance companies to seek a second opinion from a qualified surgeon before undergoing the operation.
  • E Many people who have Hastings' contracture choose to tolerate its effects rather than undergo the risks of surgery.

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