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The price of the SuperPixel high definition television, by Lux Electronics, has typically been out of the range of most consumers, a few of whom nonetheless save up for the television. This past July, the SuperPixel reduced its price by 40%, and sales during that month nearly tripled. TechWare, a popular electronics magazine, claims that the SuperPixel television should continue to see sales grow at this rate till the end of August.

Question List: 1

Which of the following suggests that TechWare's forecast is misguided?

  • A Most of the customers who had been saving up for the SuperPixel bought the television in July.
  • B Sales of the MegaPixel high definition television, an even more expensive model than the SuperPixel, saw declining sales in the month of July.
  • C Electronics sales tend to peak in August and December.
  • D The SuperPixel tends to be an unreliable television and Lux Electronics makes a considerable profit from repairs.
  • E The SuperPixel is the only model for which Lux Electronics plans a price reduction.

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