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Source: 2014

James W. Coleman's book on John Edgar Wideman's literary career addresses the needs of a general, if well-read, public rather than the esoteric vanities of scholarly special-ists, whom he neither ignores nor flatters. To assume the former audience was familiar with every work Wideman ever penned would have been pretentious. Instead, Cole- man furnishes more than ample descriptive criticism and background information, avoiding the cryptic allusiveness that is favored by some academic critics but that dis-courages the undergraduate audience he likely envisioned. Unfortunately, this accent on bringing serious Wideman criticism to a broader audience often frustrates the reader who wishes that announced themes, techniques, and stylistic devices would not whisk by as quickly as world capitals on a seven-day package tour of the globe.

Question List: 1

The reference to "a seven-day package tour of the globe" (line 10) is most likely meant to suggest a treatment that is

  • A inclusive
  • B cursory
  • C focused
  • D broad based
  • E substantial

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