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Scientists now believe that artificial-hip implants, previously thought to be safe, may actually increase the risk of cancer in recipients after about 45 years of use. Though these implants do improve the quality of recipients' lives, the increased risk of cancer is an unacceptable price to pay for these improvements. Therefore, they should be banned.

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Which of the following, if true, is the strongest counterargument to the argument above?

  • A Artificial-hip implant surgery can cause severe complications, such as infection, chronic fever, and bone degeneration, and these complications can themselves be crippling or even fatal.
  • B Almost all artificial-hip implant recipients receive their implants at an age when they are unlikely to live more than an additional 30 years.
  • C Although artificial-hip implants increase the risk of cancer after about 45 years of use, a few of the cancers they induce are not fatal.
  • D Since artificial-hip implants are not very common, banning them would cause little hardship.
  • E Although the benefits of artificial-hip implant surgery have remained substantially the same over the past decade, the price of the surgery has risen considerably.

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