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During a press conference, Council Member Johns stated that the advisory council appointed by Mayor Smith has been one of the least effective in recent history. When asked to support that claim, Johns pointed out that most citizens could not name any member of the advisory council.

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The rationale given by Council Member Johns depends on the assumption that

  • A a member of the advisory council who is doing a bad job is just as likely to be familiar to the public as a member of the advisory council who is doing a good job
  • B the public is not generally interested in the activities of the advisory council
  • C only council members are qualified to judge the quality of the advisory council's work
  • D the public's familiarity with the composition of the advisory council is an indication of the effectiveness of the advisory council's work.
  • E the members of the advisory council were selected because each of them was already well known to the citizenry.

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