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National character is not formally considered by social scientists in discussing economic and social development today. They believe that people differ and that these differences should be taken into account somehow, but they have as yet discovered no way to include such variables in their formal models of economic and social development. The difficulty lies in the nature of the that supposedly define different national characters. Anthropologists and others are on much firmer ground when they attempt to describe the cultural norms for a small homogeneous tribe or village than when they undertake the formidable task of discovering the norms that exist in a complex modern nation state composed of many disparate groups. The situation is further complicated by the nature of   judgments about character; since such judgments are overly dependent on impressions and since, furthermore, impressions are usually stated in qualitative terms, it is impossible to make a reliable comparison between the national characters of two countries.

Question List: 1 2 3 4

It can be inferred from the passage that the social scientists mentioned in lines 1-10 would agree with which of the following statements

I. It is extremely difficult to create models that account for both economic and social development

II. Models of economic and social development would be improved by the inclusion of adequate descriptions of national character

III it is important to supplement formal models of economic and social development with qualitative impressions of national character.

  • A I only
  • B II only
  • C III only
  • D I and III only
  • E II and III only

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