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The digital revolution has given us, for the first time, the image in its pure form, an image without body. The image conveyed by a painting, on the other hand, is always a material entity, however unobtrusive, a particular thing made out of pigments, binders and a support. Sculpture, in turn, is often far more physically obtrusive than painting, and to the extent that it offers a multiplicity of possible viewpoints, it generates many images, but typically none of them are the image of the work. The physical impression a sculpture makes is more powerful than its imagistic content, which seems merely transitory by comparison. The digitization of culture has only made this more evident.

Question List: 1

Which of the following best accounts for why sculpture is not amenable to digitized form?

  • A A multiplicity of viewpoints can be bewildering and lead to divergent interpretations.
  • B Paintings and sculptures undergo a similar diminished impact when seen as an image devoid of body.
  • C Sculpture primarily exerts its influence through its sheer physicality.
  • D The material world deals in fleeting images, whereas art can only be appreciated by recognizing the physical products that comprise any given work of art.
  • E Sculpture is even more poorly suited for a digital medium than is art that provides us with an ostensibly two-dimensional image.

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