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Increasingly, scientists in various fields are using multimedia, such as publicly-available videos, blogs, and tweets for research purposes. A neurobiologist who noticed that people posted videos of dancing animals conducted groundbreaking research on the relationship between vocal mimicking, language acquisition, and the ability to move to rhythm. Sociologists study the posted videos, blogs, and e-mails of convicted sex offenders to identify patterns of sociopathy. Years of home videos posted to the web revealed that subjects who developed schizophrenia in their late teens displayed certain key behaviors, such as lack of eye contact, weak responsiveness, and uneven motor development in infancy and childhood.

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It can be reasonably inferred from the passage that

  • A sociopaths and schizophrenics are more likely to post public videos about themselves.
  • B animals that are able to develop language can detect rhythm, as illustrated by dancing.
  • C there are many publicly available videos that demonstrate the relationship between uneven motor development and schizophrenia.
  • D scientists do not need the permission of subjects to perform their studies if the videos are made public.
  • E the availability of public multimedia renders traditional research methods less necessary.

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