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It is one of nature's great ironies that the availability of nitrogen in the soil frequently sets an upper limit on plant growth even though the plants‘ leaves are bathed in a sea of nitrogen gas. The leguminous plants—among them crop plants such as soybeans, peas, alfalfa, and clover—have solved the nitrogen supply problem by entering into a symbiotic relationship with the bacterial genus Rhizobium.

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Which of the following situations is most closely analogous to the situation described by the author as one of nature's great ironies?

  • A That of a farmer whose crops have failed because the normal midseason rains did not materialize and no preparations for irrigation had been made
  • B That of a long-distance runner who loses a marathon race because of a wrong turn that cost him twenty seconds
  • C That of shipwrecked sailors at sea in a lifeboat, with one flask of drinking water to share among them
  • D That of a motorist who runs out of gas a mere five miles from the nearest gas station
  • E That of travelers who want to reach their destination as fast and as cheaply as possible, but find that cost increases as travel speed increases

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