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High Towers, a company that occupies several office buildings, is considering installing new energy- efficient lightbulbs in its buildings. The new bulbs require less than half the electricity consumed by the conventional bulbs currently used to produce the same amount of light. The new bulbs also last considerably longer. It follows that by replacing old bulbs as they bum out with the new kind of bulb, High Towers would significantly reduce its overall lighting costs.

Question List: 1

Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument given?

  • A If the new bulbs are widely adopted, as seems likely, they will be produced in large enough quantities to be offered at prices comparable to those of conventional bulbs.
  • B The utility that supplies High Towers with electricity offers discount rates to its largest customers.
  • C High Towers has recently signed a contract to occupy an additional small office building.
  • D High Towers has begun a campaign to encourage its employees to turn off lights whenever they leave a room.
  • E The company that manufactures the new bulbs has been granted a patent on the innovative technology used in the bulbs and thus has exclusive rights to manufacture them.

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