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Technology Analyst: The programmers at the website Cyberepicuria have recently made a breakthrough, perfecting a special program in which users can enter any foods or any flavors they like, and the website will suggest different foods and food combinations with somewhat different flavors that the users will also like. The website will charge users a modest fee for access. Users of the beta version have reported that, because of the program's suggestions, they have discovered whole new categories of food they have come to enjoy. Because Cyberepicuria is the only website offering this service, anyone who invests in Cyberepicuria right now is likely to double or triple their money in a very short time.

Question List: 1

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the analyst's argument above?

  • A Last year, the Cooking Channel aired a few episodes of "Like This? Try That!" , a show in which chefs recommended foods similar in taste to known popular foods; the program was so popular that it will be released as a weekly national serial later this month.
  • B According to surveys, as many as 60% of Americans report being tired of eating the same foods over and over again.
  • C The flavor or taste of any food depends on number of complex chemical properties, making it an extremely difficult quality to model with a computer program.
  • D The human experience of a taste of any food has more to do, than most people realize, with the subtle scents received by the olfactory system.
  • E When a dish has a number of ingredients, adding or subtracting or substituting just one spice or flavor involved can radically change the overall taste of the dish.

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