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Nevelson says, "I have always wanted to show the world that art is everywhere, except that it has to pass through a creative mind." Using mostly discarded wooden objects like packing crates, broken pieces of furniture, and abandoned architectural ornaments, all of which she has hoarded for years, she assembles architectural constructions of great beauty and power. Creating very freely with no sketches, she glues and nails objects together, paints them black, or more rarely white or gold, and places them in boxes. These assemblages, walls, even entire environments create a mysterious, almost awe-inspiring atmosphere. Although she has denied any symbolic or religious intent in her works, their three-dimensional grandeur and even their titles, such as Sky Cathedral and Night Cathedral, suggest such connotations.

Question List: 1

Which of the following is one way in which Nevelson's art illustrates her theory as it is expressed in the first sentence?

  • A She sculpts in wood rather than in metal or stone.
  • B She paints her sculptures and frames them in boxes.
  • C She makes no preliminary sketches but rather allows the sculpture to develop as she works.
  • D She puts together pieces of ordinary objects once used for different purposes to make her sculptures.
  • E She does not deliberately attempt to convey symbolic or religious meanings through her sculpture.

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