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The Canadian elk has traditionally been limited in its geographic range by the presence of elderberries, its primary source of food, which only grow up until a certain point in the tundra. A recent rise in temperatures, however, has seen a spread in the growth of elderberries northwards into the tundra. Therefore, the overall range of the Canadian elk can be expected to increase.

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Which of the following, if true, best casts doubt on the argument?

  • A In addition to elderberry, the Canadian elk also consumes loganberries, which are expected to also begin growing at more northerly latitudes.
  • B During the summer months, many Canadian elk are hunted both for sport and for their meat.
  • C The grizzly bear, the Canadian elk's primary predator, has also started moving north into the tundra.
  • D The permafrost, the region above the tundra, in which the temperatures never reach above freezing, will unlikely see elderberry growth.
  • E Increasing temperatures have created conditions too warm for elderberry growth in the southern half of the Canadian elk's traditional territory.

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