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Was Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) a great composer? On its face, the question seems absurd. One of the most gifted prodigies in the history of music, he produced his first masterpiece at sixteen. From then on, he was recognized as an artist of preternatural abilities, not only as a composer but also as a pianist and conductor. But Mendelssohn's enduring popularity has often been at odds — sometimes quite sharply — with his critical standing. Despite general acknowledgment of his genius, there has been a noticeable reluctance to rank him with, say, Schumann or Brahms. As Haggin put it, Mendelssohn, as a composer, was a "minor master... working on a small scale of emotion and texture."

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The passage above emphasizes which of the following points about mediators?

  • A They should try to form no opinions of their own about any issue that is related to the dispute.
  • B They should not agree to serve unless they are committed to maintaining a stance of impartiality.
  • C They should not agree to serve unless they are equally acceptable to all parties to a dispute.
  • D They should feel free to take sides in the dispute right from the start, provided that they make their biases publicly known.
  • E They should reserve the right to abandon their impartiality so as not to be open to the charge of having been deceitful.

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