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Both Fuchs and Sanborn have suggested that the effect of discrimination by consumers on the earnings of self-employed women may be greater than the effect of either government or private employer discrimination on the earnings of women employees. To test this hypothesis, Brown selected a large sample of White male and female workers from the 1970 Census and divided them into three categories: private employees, government employees, and self-employed. Brown's results suggest that men and women are not treated the same by employers and consumers. For men, self-employment is the highest earnings category, with private employment next, and government lowest. For women, this order is reversed. One can infer from Brown's results that consumers discriminate against self-employed women. In addition, self-employed women may have more difficulty than men in getting good employees and may encounter discrimination from suppliers and from financial institutions

Question List: 1

A study of the practices of financial institutions that revealed no discrimination against self-employed women would tend to contradict which of the following?

  • A Some tentative results of Fuchs's study
  • B Some explicit results of Brown's study
  • C A suggestion made by the author
  • D Fuchs's hypothesis
  • E Sanborn's hypothesis

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