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Residents of Milatia are known for their longevity. Nutritionists maintain that the Milatians can attribute their increased lifespans to their diets. In addition to consuming a diet full of leafy greens, they also have a low intake of saturated fats, which have been implicated in heart disease and atherosclerosis. Therefore, if one wants to have increased longevity, he or she should follow a Milatia based diet.

Question List: 1

Which one of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?

  • A Other aspects of the Militians' lifestyle do not affect the observed trend of longevity in Milatia.
  • B Adopting another people's eating habits will, in of itself, not confer the same advantages, unless a person incorporates exercise into his or her life.
  • C The Milatian lifespan has a relatively uniform distribution, with very few dying young from natural causes.
  • D Milatians are the only people in whom there is a perceived link between diet and longevity.
  • E All Milatians are known to have lifespans that are above average.

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