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The waters off the coast of Iceland are filled with pods of killer whales, which migrate there during the summer. Wildlife parks that rely on the killer whales for entertainment hunt the killer whale almost exclusively in the water of Iceland, because strict sanctions forbid them from doing so off the coast of North America, an area also abundant in killer whales. Since Iceland recently gave into pressure from international groups opposed to the hunting of killer whales, it too will forbid the hunting of killer whales off its coast. Therefore, all wildlife parks will be forced to end their shows featuring killer whales once their current killer whales are unable to perform.

Question List: 1

All of the following cast doubt on the conclusion of the argument EXCEPT?

  • A The recent ban only extends to within one hundred miles of Iceland, though killer whales are plentiful along the shores of Greenland, which fall outside this range.
  • B The incoming prime minister of Canada, who is more conservative, is planning on lifting the ban on hunting killer whales off the coast of Canada.
  • C In-park killer whale births have become increasingly common, especially in those wildlife parks that harbor a large number of killer whales.
  • D Some wildlife parks are involved in the illegal trade of killer whales.
  • E It is nearly impossible to catch killer whales in deep waters, so hunters typically rely on luring killer whales into coves.

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