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For many years, Benjamin Quarles' seminal account of the participation of African Americans in the American Revolution has remained the standard work in the field. According to Quarles, the outcome of this conflict was mixed for African American slaves who enlisted in Britain's fight against its rebellious American colonies in return for the promise of freedom: the British treacherously resold many into slavery in the West Indies, while others obtained freedom in Canada and Africa. Building on Quarles' analysis of the latter group, Sylvia Frey studied the former slaves who emigrated to British colonies in Canada. According to Frey, these refugees-the most successful of the African American Revolutionary War participants-viewed themselves as the ideological heirs of the American Revolution. Frey sees this inheritances reflected in their demands for the same rights that the American revolutionaries had demanded from the British: land ownership, limits to arbitrary authority and burdensome taxes, and freedom of religion.

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According to the passage, which of the following is true about the African American Revolutionary War participants who settled in Canada after the American Revolution?

  • A Although they were politically unaligned with either side, they identified more with British ideology than with American ideology.
  • B While they were not immediately betrayed by the British, they ultimately suffered the same fate as did African American Revolutionary. War participants who were resold into slavery in the West Indies.
  • C They settled in Canada rather than in Africa because of the greater religious freedom available in Canada.
  • D They were more politically active than were African American Revolutionary War participants who settled in Africa.
  • E They were more successful than were African American Revolutionary War participants who settled Africa.

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