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When cut, the synthetic material fiberglass, like asbestos, releases microscopic fibers into the air. It is known that people who inhale asbestos, fibers suffer impairment of lung functions. A study of 300 factory workers who regularly cut fiberglass showed that their lung capacity is, on average, only 90 percent of that of a comparable group of people who do not cut fiberglass.

Question List: 1

The statements above, if true, most strongly support which of the following hypotheses?

  • A People who work with fiberglass are likely also to work with asbestos.
  • B Fiberglass fibers impair lung function in people who inhale them.
  • C Fiberglass releases as many fibers into the air when cut as does asbestos.
  • D Coarse fibers do not impair lung function in people who inhale them.
  • E If uncut, fiberglass poses no health risk to people who work with it.

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