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Source: 1997

Comparing designs in music with visual designs raises interesting questions. We are familiar with the easy transfers of terms denoting qualities from one field to another. The basic problem can be put this way: can music sound the way a design looks? The elements of music are not the same as those of painting. They may be analogous, but to be analogous is not to be identical. Is it possible, then, for the same broad characteristics to emerge from different perceptual conditions? Two facts about the relation between broad characteristics of a work and their perceptual conditions must be kept distinct. First, the global characteristics of a visual or auditory complex are determined by the discernible parts and their relationships. Thus, any notable change in the parts or their relationships produces a change in some of the global characteristics. Second, a change in the parts or their relationships may leave other global characteristics unchanged. logies.

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The author mentions all of the following as characteristic of the "rigidly defined hierarchy" (line 8) of the clown-fish community EXCEPT:

  • A At any time only one female clown fish can be reproductively active
  • B The mature clown fish are monogamous
  • C The growth of clown fish is synchronized
  • D The maximum number of clown fish is fixed
  • E There are equal numbers of male juveniles and female juveniles

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