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When a married couple has frequent emotionally satisfying conversations, they tend in overwhelming percentages to remain married throughout their live. Queen Melinda and Prince Jonathan, Duke of Westphalia, have been married for over sixty years, so clearly they must have emotionally satisfying conversations all the time.

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This argument is most vulnerable to which criticism?

  • A It takes a condition to be the effect of something that has happened only after the condition already existed.
  • B It makes a distinction that presupposes the truth of the conclusion that is to be established.
  • C It takes one possible cause of a condition to be the actual cause of that condition without considering any other possible causes.
  • D It offers a conclusion that is no more than a paraphrase of one piece of the pieces of information provided in its support.
  • E It presents as evidence in support of a claim information that is inconsistent with other evidence presented in support of the same claim.

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