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Even after numerous products made with artificial sweeteners became available, sugar consumption per capita continued to rise. Now manufacturers are introducing fat-free versions of various foods that they claim have the taste and texture of the traditional high-fat versions. Even if the manufacturers' claim is true, given that the availability of sugar-free foods did not reduce sugar consumption, it is unlikely that the availability of these fat-free foods will reduce fat consumption.

Question List: 1

Which of the following, if true, most seriously undermines the argument?

  • A Several kinds of fat substitute are available to manufacturers, each of which gives a noticeably different taste and texture to products that contain it.
  • B The products made with artificial sweeteners did not taste like products made with sugar.
  • C The foods brought out in sugar-free versions did not generally have reduced levels of fat, but many of the fat-free versions about to be introduced are low in sugar
  • D People who regularly consume products containing artificial sweeteners are more likely than others to consume fat-free foods.
  • E Not all foods containing fat can be produced in fat-free versions.

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