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Martha Graham is remembered in the dance community as a pioneer of modern dance choreography. However, it was her desire to live on as a dancer. She danced first as a member of the Denishawn Company, put on solo performances in New York, and later danced at Radio City Music Hall. She gave lessons in movement and modeled coats to fund her own dance company. It was with this company that her eclectic and radical technique made its mark on modern dance history.

Graham was by no means the first dancer to deviate from the strict classical ballet techniques of the early 20th century. Many young American women were also making their own variations to the standard dance style. But Graham's alterations of sharp, jagged movements and sweeping floor work reformed the whole of modern dance theory and the very notion of what a dancer was. Her signature style continues to permeate the work of contemporary dance and influence modern choreographers, although some, such as Taylor and Cunningham, both former members of Graham's company, have disowned her intense manner of teaching and technique.

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The passage states that Graham made a living doing all of the following EXCEPT

  • A modeling
  • B set designer
  • C professional dancer
  • D teacher
  • E choreographer

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