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Senator: Jones is highly qualified for appointment as a judge, as evidenced by Jones's receiving a unanimous vote of "qualified" on the formal rating scale used by the Lawyers' Committee. That committee advises the Senate on judicial appointments.

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Which of the following, if true, is the best reason for dismissing the senator's claim that Jones is highly qualified?

  • A Several members of the Lawyers' Committee are not themselves qualified for judicial appointments.
  • B The Lawyers' Committee does not advise the Senate on all judicial appointments.
  • C The Lawyers' Committee gives a unanimous vote of "qualified" only to those candidates for judicial appointments who meet the committee's stringent standards for appropriate prior experience and ethical conduct.
  • D The Lawyers' Committee gives a unanimous vote of either "highly qualified" or "very highly qualified" to 95 percent of all candidates for judicial appointments.
  • E Jones, like most lawyers, is a member of the professional organization that originally suggested the establishment of the Lawyers' Committee.

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