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Over Several months new residents of a housing development complained to their town council about unpleasant barnyard odors from a nearby farm. The council concluded that, because the residents were not used to rural life, they had mistakenly identified as a barnyard odor the smell of the town's new, leaf-composting pile, located on a site adjacent to the farm.

Question List: 1

Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the town council's conclusion?

  • A No one else in the town had complained of unpleasant odors from the farm.
  • B Some of the new residents had moved to this town in order to lead a more rural life.
  • C The new residents' complaints started before the establishment of the town's leaf-composting pile.
  • D Leaf-composting piles produce unpleasant odors even if they are properly managed.
  • E The farm was selected as the location for the leaf-composting pile before the housing development was built.

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