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Despite a dramatic increase in the number of people riding bicycles for recreation in Parkville. a recent report by the Parkville Department of Transportation shows that the number of accidents involving bicycles has decreased for the third consecutive year.

Question List: 1

Which of the following, if true during the last three years, best reconciles the apparent discrepancy in the facts above?

  • A The Parkville Department of Recreation confiscated abandoned bicycles and sold them at auction to any interested Parkville residents.
  • B Increased automobile and bus traffic in Parkville has been the leading cause of the most recent increase in automobile accidents.
  • C Because of the local increase in the number of people bicycling for recreation. many out -of -town bicyclists ride in the Parkville area.
  • D The Parkville Police Department enforced traffic rules for bicycle riders much more vigorously and began requiring recreational riders to pass a bicycle safety course.
  • E The Parkville Department of Transportation canceled a program that required all bicycles to be inspected and registered each year.

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