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The more that is discovered about the intricate organization of the nervous system, the more it seems remarkable that genes can successfully specify the development of that system. Human genes contain too little information even to specify which hemisphere of the brain each of a human's 1010 neurons should occupy, let alone the hundreds of connections that each neuron makes. For such reasons, we can assume that there must be an important random factor in neural development, and in particular, that errors must and do occur in the development of all normal brains.

Question List: 1

Which of the following best describes the organization of the paragraph?

  • A A specific case is presented, its details are analyzed, and a conclusion is drawn from it.
  • B A discovery is announced, its most significant application is discussed, and possibilities for the future are suggested.
  • C A generalization is made, specific situations in which it is applicable are noted, and problems with it are suggested.
  • D An observation is made, specifics are provided to support it, and a generalization is derived.
  • E A hypothesis is presented, its implications are clarified, and applications of it are discussed

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