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Source: 1994

The sweep of narrative in A. N. Wilson's biography of C. S.Lewis is impressive and there is much that is acute and well argued. But much in this work is careless and unworthy of its author. Wilson, a novelist and an accomplished biographer, has failed to do what any writer on such a subject as Lewis ought to do, namely work out a coherent view of how the various literary works by the subject are to be described and commented on. Decisions have to be made on what to look at in detail and what to pass by with just a mention. Wilson has not thought this problem out. For instance,Till We Have Faces, Lewis' treatment of the Eros and Psyche story and one of his best-executed and most moving works, is merely mentioned by Wilson, though it illuminates Lewis' spiritual development, whereas Lewis' minor work Pilgrim's Regress is looked at in considerable detail.

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The author of the passage implies that Wilson's examination of Pilgrim's Regress

  • A is not as coherent as his treatment of Till We Have Faces
  • B would have been more appropriate in a separate treatise because of the scope of Pilgrim's Regress
  • C demonstrates how Wilson's narrow focus ignores the general themes of Lewis' works
  • D was more extensive than warranted because of the relative unimportance of Pilgrim's Regress
  • E was disproportionately long relative to the amount of effort Lewis devoted to writing Pilgrim's Regress

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