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Source: OG2

A person who agrees to serve as mediator between two warring factions at the request of both abandons by so agreeing the right to take sides later. To take sides at a later point would be to suggest that the earlier presumptive impartiality was a sham.

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The passage above emphasizes which of the following points about mediators?

  • A They should try to form no opinions of their own about any issue that is related to the dispute.
  • B They should not agree to serve unless they are committed to maintaining a stance of impartiality
  • C They should not agree to serve unless they are equally acceptable to all parties to a dispute.
  • D They should feel free to take sides in the dispute right from the start, provided that they make their biases publicly known.
  • E They should reserve the right to abandon their impartiality so as not to be open to the charge of having been deceitful.

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